Our War Game Club in Portage, Indiana.

If It's Tuesday Night, It's Wargaming.

We meet once a week- on Tuesday nights - typically starting between 6:30 p.m. and 7p.m. In the 20+ years we have done this at my house, the kinds of games we've played have reamained fairly consistant.

Topping the list is Conventional Wargaming. I define that as the playing of games like Advanced Squad Leader, Great Campaigns of the Civil War, La Bataille, Panzer, Bloody April, The Grand Tactical Series, and all the old SPI games and Avalon Hill games (at least those that are genuine wargames).

Following Conventional Wargaming comes a style of game I call "Euro." These games may have military topic matter and they may not. They are generally (though not always) less complex though Euro games have a much more diverse and/or broader spectrum of topic matter. In Agricola, players are farmers leading their families through the tough times of 17th century Europe. In Ticket to Ride, players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries around the world. I personally am not a Euro gamer, and don't own any, but some of the gamers in our group are. Which is to say they play them on occasion. So while it is true that some of us play Euro games; all of us play war games. And being that two or more games are typically being played on game night, one needs to find a gamer to play what one wants.

This brings us to the third game format- miniatures. One of our steady players is exceptional at miniatures play and his collection of meticullously hand painted armies and fleets are glorious indeed. He successfully got me into 1/600 ACW naval. I now own just about the entire Thoroughbred ACW collection. But why stop there? Thoroughbred is now producing these same ships at 1/1200. As one company rep' says: "The smaller the fleets, the larger the battles, so get your wallets back out boys." Though I am not attracted to miniatures for land battles, I absolutely love ACW naval in miniature.

Speaking for myself, Conventional Wargaming is my first love and that's where ninety percent of my hobby time and hobby money go, but gaming exists in many genres, and for the sake of balance, I make forays into the other forms as well. Variety is a good thing in gaming too.